Thursday, October 31, 2013

He Reigns

The trees, stripped bare of their leaves . . . just in time for Halloween.
All their glory trampled on the ground, decay and rot join the celebration of death.

Storms bear down . . . fitful.
Exposed branches, set on display.

Jesus, lifted up on a tree for all to jeer and stare. . .
                                                  bearing the shame of the world.

But . . . spring is coming.

Friday, Satan bruised the heel of Christ,
Sunday, Jesus crushed the head of Satan in a fatal blow.  (Gen. 3:16; John 3:16)

Jesus rises . . . the ground trembles.

Forces of darkness are given permission to roam this earth,
looking to devour the souls of men.

But only for a time.

In all their striving, all their combined efforts,
They will be wiped out . . .
                             with just the Word of His mouth.  (Rev. 19:21; 20:10)

One swift attack . . . pushed back to hell for eternity.

What was meant for evil,
is the glory and power of victory . . . the cross of Christ.
Far above all
Jesus the crucified,
Far above all,
Low at His footstool,
Adoring we fall,
God has exalted Him,
Far above all.    (author unknown)

He reigns! 

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