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Why Shades of Grace? 

Now that I have some years behind me, I can look back on my life and see this pattern God is creating, His handiwork of grace.

Though His favor is always constant, never holding back, He weaves it through both blessing and brokenness, times of ease, and seasons of pain. The result is grace upon grace, these layers in various hues. . . a work of beauty.  

God's grace is all around me, but like the glow of pink on a winter's sky, it can easily go unnoticed. And if I'm not looking, I miss it.

Other times God's grace is inescapable, obvious, vibrant orange, and right in front of my face. In those moments, I am carried on His strength. . . and very aware of it.

Yet, no matter the hue, this grace is full of movement, like rushing water, urging me to plunge deeper and to go further in.

For this reason, I continue to risk and do those things that are hard for me, because I never want to become stagnant in my relationship with the Lord.

I love the rock formations in the area where I live. The shades of color produce depth, and the layers set upon layers, remind me of waves on the ocean.

There is scarcely a place I love better than hiking up to the base of a palisade and leaning against the sheer rock face.  No matter how steep the climb, there is always a leveling of the path against the rock, a shelter in its massive shade.

The rock face reminds me of God, my Rock, my place of hiding. For, "He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High, will rest in the shadow of the Almighty". (Psalm 91:1)  .

As God's grace is poured into our unique circumstances, the result is His brilliance shining through in various patterns. As I write, I'm hoping you, the reader, are blessed by the rich colors and unique patterns, knowing the movement of His grace on your life.

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