Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Not in the Plan

I am so thankful for God's loyal, devoted, tenacious love.  His discipline comes, but He guards His people as a mother bear over her cubs. 

I'm facing some trials today, perhaps God's discipline, but am encouraged because I know that this too will pass and that I am still the apple of God's eye.  These difficulties looming big are only for a little while, and next year I can look back on this time and say, "Remember when . . . "   If I can keep the right perspective, it makes all the difference.  (1 Pet. 1:6,7)

We had a busy weekend hosting people almost non-stop.  I did that to myself on purpose, thinking that to have all the parties together at once would save me all the housecleaning and activity planning drawn out over several weeks.  I had reserved the time from here on out to just enjoy the season and have a quiet Christmas. 

However, God's plans are not often our plans.  My basement has flooded and we are still trying to find the source to the problem.  Carpet possibly ruined, soggy boxes, and stuff thrown everywhere.  This all happened as we were were about to step out the door last night for a Christmas party.  I'm so thankful my son was here to run the shop vac and sop up the worst of it. 

I've been made aware at how much we use water for everything!  So now dirty dishes cannot be washed, no showers taken, (excuse us if we smell), and minimal use of toilets.  Laundry calls, but is being ignored.  Although it is quite soggy as well from its pile on the floor.  My husband is working hard to find the source of the problem and fix it.  He's pretty good at that sort of thing.

Why do I tell you all this?  Because I want you to see that real life happens.  Sometimes you might get the impression that I live in a spiritual cloud.  I am generally a serious person and like to think deeply, perhaps differently would be a better word, circular verses linear.  I am rejuvenated by time alone, not by socialization.  And so my posts reflect that.  Plus I am still learning how to write.  It does not come naturally to me.

Yet, God knows each of us completely.  He knows what we need in our lives to shape us into His likeness, to build His character in us.  I don't really like these days of trials, but also know that they do not arrive by accident.  Nothing takes God by surprise and He must know this is what we need right now. 

I told you in my last post that I was going to share with you something God revealed to me through the Christmas story.  Well, this post is not that post, but it could certainly apply.  Maybe secretly I've been stalling to tell you that lesson because it requires that I be vulnerable.  It is a challenge to discern what would be beneficial to you and how much to "guard my heart".   And it requires risk, which is never easy to take.

In the meantime I must work on the immediate urgent need and well, probably find my way to a laundromat and get my daughter to her play practice and performance tonight.  I'm so thankful no one is sick, we have snow (yes!), the main level of my house is all intact, and my daughter is coming home from college in three days!  Whoo Hoo!  She might have to sleep on the couch until we get the water out of the basement, but oh well.  Memories are in the making. 



  1. Oh no! That kind of mishap is never at a decent time, even worse at Christmas... hopefully it will be an easy fix. Thanks for your honesty in this post. I appreciate you, you are a wonderful writer.