Monday, December 17, 2012

Family Album

Merry Christmas to all of you.  Thank you for sharing this year with me as I learn and grow in the realm of writing.

Instead of a traditional family picture in a Christmas card, I thought it would be fun to include a family album, reviewing the year's events in some candid shots.  From my house to yours, warmest Christmas blessings.

2012 in Review

Our year always starts with Ivy's birthday.

A little dancing in the kitchen. . .

Gotta love that snow!

Come on fishy. Take a bite. 

 Winter Youth Retreat . . .

       'Moving Mountains'

From this . . . to cake bites.

                      Overcoming challenges.

Young Eagles, flying balmy skies.
Awana club awards.

Spring Break Project. . . painting the house.


Porch entrance in progress.
After . . . steps complete, thanks to my capable husband.

Ivy and Summer profess their faith in Christ through baptism. 

A storm on its way. . . 


but sheltered in the apple of God's eye.

The day my sister-in-law died,
the clouds mourn in empathy... 

the day we began numbering our blessings. 

Reflective days . . .

        God is not slow keeping His promises.
Photo by Tim Fitzharris

Love of sisters.
Heather turns 18.

Joy, joy, joy.

Tyler away at college, but home for Heather's big event.

In celebration. . .

Crepes will always remind us of this inside joke.

"I'd like some strawberry creeps please."
(a mishap of speech which occurred once when ordering her crepes.)

Summer days . . .

        Family gatherings.

A fishing experience with Grandpa and cousin. 

The 'sketching man', drawing for animation projects. 

July brings rain, at last.

You know you live in a desert when you join all the neighbors, each in their doorways, to watch the rain.  

The first rain in forever . . . months.
Water running down the streets. . . cause for much rejoicing!

Thankful for the canal system woven through our valley so that our eyes might rest on green.

Summer's birthday and school begins.

 Heather is off to college.  Road trip.  Tyler has been working all summer in Denver.

School days at home.  The daily walk . . .
Ivy's transition to public school . . .  home school for Summer. 
Adjusting to Heather and Tyler both being away.
                     Invading sissy's empty room.

Corn harvest.

Tyler's birthday.

Our anniversary in this gorgeous country.  San Juan Mts.

Fall fun and school events.

 Cooking practice. 

Can she make an apple pie. . . 

Yes!  Yum.
 Sisters grown closer in the absence of older siblings.

Fly tying, the new craft.   

School Christmas play and concert.

Christ our Savior was born on Christmas day that He might save us from our sin and Satan's power.  Oh, such tidings of comfort and joy! 

Full circle. . .

     Just some old fashioned fun.
Have yourself a merry little Christmas!

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