Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Chilling Out

I have a love/hate relationship with the holiday season.  I love the rich meaning, but despise the expectations which all seem to end up on the shoulders of mom.  But this year I'm intentionally chilling out.  Yes, you heard me right, chilling out.  It's not that I have less to do.  I'm just seeking to take it in stride and have given myself permission to let some things be undone.  Life will go on. 

Rather than perfect gifts, fancy meals, or an immaculately clean house, I just want to enjoy my family and be together.  So many years I've not really taken in the season because I've been so busy making it perfect.  It's perfect alright, so perfect that it turns up empty as I've allowed the externals to take the foreground.  But I don't want to simply get through the holidays, I want to really savor them and take in their message.

Christmas is one of my favorite times to worship because there are so many visuals and illustrations which point me to Jesus.  As I study the Scriptures my heart is swept up into them.  I'm so glad God chooses to reveal Himself to us.  Think of it.  We do not really discover truth, rather we study and God reveals truth by His Spirit.  Wow!  God is so incredibly personal.  I love that about Him.

There is one part of the Christmas story which has always been dear to me, because God used it to meet me in a time of great personal need.  Once again its message applies to my life this day in very real ways.  It is a balm for my soul.  I hope to share that with you soon.  The Scriptures are so rich and so precious. 

Yet, there are some years when I've just wanted to crumple up and cry, when I realize what I've made of this holiday.  How it must hurt God when we let it become so shallow, so meaningless, so trivial.  I'm trying hard not to let that happen.  Just as Israel waited expectantly for their Messiah, so we wait, expecting to meet Him, anticipating the glory He may reveal to us.

As we anticipate some busy days ahead I trust we can chill out, even spend some extra time with the Lord, and truly worship.  Don't let the season slip away without time in His presence.  It would be a shame to miss His glory or the rich meaning of the season.  

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