Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wake up

Could the results to this election be God calling His church to wake up?  Our country will not be won by a political candidate, but rather by believers in Christ living like believers.  As we have strayed from the Word of God, replacing it with emotional highs, experience, and casual love, our nation sees no difference in their desire for charisma, a hand out, or permissive love.  Could we expect anything less from them?

God seeks our attention.  He will bring things into our lives to turn our hearts toward Him, even a national election.  It is not the end of the world, but might be the end of our free country if we evangelicals do not begin putting God in the forefront of our lives.  Is our faith in our vote or in our God? 

So often idolatry characterizes our living.  And we are only reaping what we have sown.  How can we expect blessing when we deliberately shun our Maker?  Oh, we might not set up stone statues in our houses, but we do make "graven images" to ourselves.  Images of what people think of us, narcissism, education, hobbies, exercise, or even ministry.

Does my life speak of God's righteousness . . . holiness?  Am I obedient to God this day in my relationships with my family, with the store clerks, with my boss, with others on the road, with my school?  The best is sacrificed for the good.  Undivided devotion to God is replaced by service projects, fighting social issues, and compromised living.   We are agents sent out on a mission, the most exciting, engaging mission rivaling all: to proclaim Christ to the nations.       

God always gives His abiding presence of grace to those that are His.  But grace does not disqualify us from His discipline.  Last night, as I watched the map of our country turn shades of red and blue, my heart began to lose hope of this nation ever turning toward righteousness.  Yet, the electoral college vote was set up by our founding fathers for the purpose of keeping the vote balanced, and rightly so.  It's an ingenious system.  But now, even that appears ineffective.

I don't have answers to the political division of our country, but do know that one day Jesus will reign as King over all the world as the Righteous Ruler.  No man will save us, only our God.  We look only unto Jesus for our ultimate deliverance.  But in the meantime, this country could be saved if those who claim Christ as their Savior will put down our idols, seek His face, and proclaim Him to our world . . . starting with life style obedience.  It's time to wake up!

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