Monday, November 25, 2013

Football Disasters

Today we face a disappointed Colorado.  Oh the hope at halftime of a 24-0 lead against the New England Patriots.  But its never over until its over.  Five swift possessions by the Patriots led to scores which toppled the Bronco pride into stinging defeat. 

Life is like that.  We think we are gaining ground, when, in reality, scores purchased on the fault of others are not what it takes to win the game.  Yes, I know, the Patriot victory in overtime was achieved by a grave mistake of the Broncos.  But they never should have been in that place to start with, of fighting to the wire for a win. 

Likewise, in life, when all we do is react to what is wrong, we lose.  The social network has made it so convenient to do this.  We spout our views about issues thinking that somehow we are making a difference, that we have done our part towards righteousness. 

There are hot topics, such as abortion, same sex marriage, welfare, adoption, education, diet, and even mice, of country or city.  We all have views on such things and like to promote them.  While God does call us to care for the orphan and widow in their distress, that is not our offense. 

Our primary purpose is to hold out abundant life in Christ, salvation by faith in His death and resurrection.  (1 Cor. 15:3-6)

Fighting social ills by spewing my pet peeves to the world never changed much.  It only repels and results in an unpleasant taste.  Real transformation only comes about from the inside, from lives changed by the power of Christ.  That is how the game is won. 

A life that creates, which points toward the Savior, is attractive.  A grateful heart, a life surrendered to God, draws others in.  In this season of thankfulness I hope I never forget the lessons learned from defeat.  Surely, failures are the stepping stones to success, providing we respond in humility. 

And for this, I give thanks. 

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