Sunday, January 13, 2013


I am ecstatic, like a calf let out to pasture.  An opportunity has come and I've taken it.  I forgot how much I love teaching children the Bible.  This is my passion.  I've taken a much needed rest from children's ministry, but lately I've sensed an urgency to actively share God's salvation. 

A long time ago a man and his wife were brought to saving faith in Jesus Christ through the influence of my Dad.  This man once told me that he thought I had the gift of evangelism.  If I would go, he would help to send me.  It was not a random statement.  As I spent a summer teaching children, he was amazed at their response.  Yet, we all know it is not the messenger, but rather the Spirit of God who turns hearts towards Him.  That said, if we, the messengers, never present the Word, how then will they hear?  

The next summer I was scheduled to go to the inner city of Chicago, but the man mentioned above was killed in a logging accident.  My brother and local church picked up the financial slack which he had promised and I still went.  I am forever grateful because it was in those two summers that I realized my niche in teaching children.  

Each follower of Christ has been given a spiritual gift, yet at times it seems so hard to discern.  I'm not convinced my gift is evangelism, I don't really know what it is, but I don't think it matters so much that I know.  All He asks is that I be faithful to obey.  Yet, when we experience great joy in serving Him, I believe we are very near our spiritual gift.  

However, God wants us dependent on Him and when I become too confident in my abilities, that is when I fall.  I never dreamed I would be mentoring high school girls.  It is an area where God keeps me humble and on my knees.  Likewise, the whole world of writing has me clinging to Him like never before.  God gives us windows of opportunity and often leads us into these areas to broaden His influence through us or to build our character.   But teaching children about God, oh my, it does put spring in my step. 

I just finished reading a book about a soldier who was martyred for his faith in the Soviet army.  (Vanya by Myrna Grant)  I am currently reading about some tribes in New Guinea who lived in constant fear of sacred grounds and evil spirits.  (Lords of the Earth by Don Richardson)  When I think of those living in darkness, even next door to me, my heart aches.  And I'm wondering, why am I so concerned about my plans for the weekend, if my house is clean and organized, or how many calories my food has?  Why am I disappointed that the Broncos lost and that the weather is cold so I can't go for my run?  If the Lord returned today would He find me about His business?

I'm not saying we are to ignore personal disciplines or that we cannot enjoy the simple pleasures of a football game.  In fact, I spent a good part of the year painting the outside of my house.  But I'm just wondering if all this stuff we do really matters as much as we place our emphasis on it.

If persecution were to sweep our country, what would be our highest priority?  Furthermore, if missionaries and martyrs strive to get the gospel to the remotest parts of the earth, suffering great atrocities and overcoming great obstacles, why would I not take the opportunity to give the gospel when it is easy . . . when I'm being invited to enter our public schools to do so? 

This is my spiritual worship, the giving of myself for the kingdom of God.  Yes, there are times, even with teaching children, that I get discouraged and bogged down.  The time in preparation, the discipline to study, to write, to teach does take great effort, but if even one person will put their faith in Christ, it is so worth it.  And I would venture to say that it is time well spent even if no one responds, because all God asks is that I be faithful to obey.  The response is up to Him.  Plus, the process draws me closer to God.  It is a win win deal.

I once heard someone say that as Christians we are in the most exciting mission on the planet.  So true.  I would sum it up in one word.  Sweet!  What a privilege to share in the delivery of God's most precious gift. 

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  1. Hey Aunt Jewel,
    I just wanted to let you know I was challenged an encouraged by this post. It was good to be reminded to be living for the kingdom of God. Sometimes I think it should be easier for me because I'm being trained as a missionary, but it is still not easy. It's good to be reminded to have God's perspective on life not getting too caught up in the temporary things of this world.

    Thanks for the good words.

    Clint Teele