Sunday, September 11, 2011

For Such A Time As This

"...And who knows but that you have come to royal position
 for such a time as this?"  
Esther 4:14b

A perfect fit.  What may have seemed trite circumstance of the past was actually divine intervention preparing my son for such a time...and place as this.  Who would have thought it!  As I spent much of last week on the campus of Denver University, God has given me such assurance that my son is at this place on purpose-- God's purpose.

Tyler was birthed at home, the 5th generation on his father's side of the family in Boulder, CO.   He always preferred to be at home, never enjoying noise or chaos.  How fitting that he should choose a college in state, the campus a bubble of tranquility set in the heart of the city.

In 8th grade he competed in a math club which held its finals at DU.  There he was first introduced to the campus and made the comment that he might like to go to school here someday.

DU does not have a football team.  Hockey is their sport, and hockey has been Tyler's sport through high school.  Our desert town had an ice rink only a few years and Tyler played hockey those years the rink was in business.  Our family "lived" at the rink.  Some great family memories were made there.  Our town no longer has an ice rink, but it was here while it mattered for our family.

One reason Tyler chose DU was because he could get a double major in four years in his area of expertise.  He was so excited to actually see that work out in his schedule.  Because of the double major (3-D animation and computer programing), he was able to start into those classes his first semester.
                                          (putting his computer together-serious business)
Tyler's summer job was gained through a contact at church and was exactly in the field of his expertise.  He loved it.  He excelled at it.  Now the company is splitting in half, one branch operating in Denver and one continuing on in Parachute.  Tyler was recommended by his boss to work the Denver branch while at school...a perfect fit.

Tyler's best friend through high school was Asian by birth, but very American.  His roommate is from a place near Hong Kong, a finance major...a perfect fit.  His floor in the dorm is a non-substance floor, all the students signing a contract to be substance free not just at school, but in their lives while a student there--only one of two floors on the entire campus with such an agreement...a perfect fit.

His class consists of 1,450 students, the largest DU has ever seen, every room on campus filled.  As I watched them file into the gymnasium for their rite of passage as DU Pioneers I couldn't help but wonder in this sea of faces that God has my son among them to be salt and light in this dark place.  Oh, they think they are enlightened, but most of the students are not even aware that the unholy immorality (promoted as diversity) and deceptive teaching of the world's philosophies keep them in darkness.  Yet, my son is called to this place.
                                                (he's the short one walking in)
His required first year seminar class is on the study of light.  They have already had a "field trip" up Mt. Evans, 14,000 feet, where DU has an observatory.  The snows recently dusted the tips of the tallest mountains and so they couldn't make it to the top because of icy roads.  I'm reminded that the roads to the worlds ideals of light are, indeed, slippery.  But how stable is the road to the True Light from heaven.
                                                     (Tyler, on campus)
I believe Tyler's life has been prepared for such a time and place as this.  It has not been chance, but divine guidance.  God calls me to "look...and be utterly amazed" at what He will do in that place. (Hab.1:5)  Surely, "God's thoughts are not my thoughts, neither are His ways my ways... As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are God's ways higher than my ways, and His thoughts higher than my thoughts."  Isa. 55:8,9

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  1. Praying for your mama-heart ... that you would feel God's peace! Looks like he's in the right place!