Thursday, August 18, 2011


"...He let them go hungry..." Deut. 8:1

A good cook knows that the most satisfying meal is seasoned with hunger. But it was first God's idea. Before He provided manna from heaven for His people Israel, He let them wander in the wilderness and go hungry.

Lately I've been hungry for God's enabling in a world where I strive and labor but come up empty. I lack skill to accomplish what God is asking me to do. As I try yet again, humility burns with anger and I throw up my hands in frustration. How long must I strive? How long until I get it right? God's Word tells me, "Cease striving and know that I am God..." Psa. 46:10 Is God really big enough to act on my behalf? Of course I know this in my head, but faith calls me to be vulnerable and step into obedience without knowing how it will be accomplished. I come to realize that in the struggle God is making me hungry for more of Himself...more of His enabling.

As I study Israel's desert wanderings and God's provision of bread I'm brought to the edge of the promised land where Israel no longer passively receives manna from the skies, but is now asked to engage in battle and take the land. God renews my passion for victory and gives me determined zeal to fight. I won't give up! Somehow, by the power of God within me, I will possess the land.

The longer my struggle the more intense my hunger. Jesus invites me to "...taste and see that the LORD is good..." Psa. 34:8 I have certainly tasted of God's sufficiency in days past--the taste is sweet and marvelous. I want more. So I cling to the promise that "...God will accomplish His purpose for me." Psa. 57:2

Israel faced a barrier that appeared impossible--the Jordan river at flood stage. Picture their dilema. They were asked to conquer a land but could not get across the formidable river. God did the miraculous and held back the water, but first they had to step in by faith. God asks me to move in to conquer a land, but I can't seem to get across the river.

That said,
"I'm diving in, I'm going deep... the river's water is alive...
So sink or swim, I'm diving in."
(song by Stephen Curtis Chapman)


  1. What a treat to hear from your heart! I look forward to reading more from you ... blessings on you!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Morgan! I embark on this writing adventure with great "fear and trembling". Guess I was getting too comfortable with teaching and this is God's way of getting me to lean on Him.