Thursday, February 6, 2014

Real Living

As a pastor's wife, I've been to my share of memorial services.  They are not created equal.  Last summer I attended one that was perhaps the most sad of all.  Not a single flower, card, or friend appeared, save for a few distant relatives in search of money.  It was a strange feeling, that my husband and I knew her better than anyone there.  

However, yesterday we attended another, one rich with testimony.  It was made clear to me the difference of a life lived abundant verses one lived good.  God saves us from death to life, not from bad to good.  There is a vast chasm between the two.  And only when we pour out the gift He gives, do we truly live.  

When this man's identical twin stood up to speak, I was flooded with emotion.  After the service I talked to him, a man with the same voice, the same mannerisms, the same giving spirit of the one who had passed on.  It was the first I had ever met the man, but it seemed I had known him for years . . . surreal.  (And perhaps I felt some connection because my husband is also a twin.)

I know some people who breathe, but who may as well be dead, people who strive to be good, but fall short of joyful abundant living.  I hope that is not me, but I know I sometimes regress into that lie. 

Yesterday's memorial service made one thing very clear to me.  The servant who hoarded, who buried his talent in the ground, died with his talent.  But the one who took a risk and invested his talent, found that it multiplied and he received life overflowing.  (Matt. 25:14-30)

I am most fulfilled when I make use of my spiritual gift.  Yet, to utilize it, I must pour it out and empty myself, for God does not save us for ourselves.  Rather, He saves us to fulfill a great purpose, to bless the lives of others. 

My goal is not to 'live to a ripe old age', but to live with purpose, utilizing what God has given in fullest measure. 

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