Tuesday, February 4, 2014


My hands were tied.  I wanted to create, but lacked the skills to do so.  For a moment I felt like I understood the frustration of someone impaired, locked inside her body, without means to communicate what is on the inside.

My son, a capable programer, were my hands and mind seeking to build this blog.  I liked to think of myself as the painter, and he the brush.  But it was more like the painter placing the brush into another painter's hands to convey the ideas of the first.  Did that make any sense?  Furthermore, how could I relay what I wanted when I myself did not know?   He became exasperated with my lack of satisfaction while I became angry for being so helpless.  

Meanwhile, my Bible reading was taking me to the end of Exodus and the start of Leviticus, that most dreaded territory of anyone's systematic read through the Scriptures.  Yet, God met me there, a proof that He can speak to us through any portion of His Word, if we are truly listening for His voice. 

There it was, clear as clear. "The LORD has gifted Bezalel, Ohoiab, and the other skilled craftsmen with wisdom and ability to perform any task involved in building the sanctuary.  Let them construct and furnish the Tabernacle, just as the LORD has commanded." (Ex. 36:1)  I then realized I had been clinging too tightly and needed to 'let my son construct'.  His skill and ability were hindered by my interference.   

Releasing control, I placed the outcome of this blog design into God's hands, trusting that He was big enough to enable my son to build.  The very next day, Tyler presented me with what you see now, and finally, I truly liked it. 

A few posts back, I said that I would share with you an answer to prayer.  This blog is that answer.  When I surrendered it into the Lord's hands, then other aspects began to fall into place as well.  The 'Glass Slippers' tab was never in my originally plan.  It just came to me as we were building together.  I believe God directed its placement.

The design is taken from the red rock slot canyons I love so much . . . and a lamp my husband built for me.  Each of my children created their own sand design inside a glass panel, which became the four sides of the lamp.  The light inside illuminates the sand, resulting in this glow of patterns. 

The red rock brings Mt. Sinai up present and close for me.  It is how I imagine the setting where Moses cries out to the Lord, "unless Your presence goes with us, we may as well not go up from here."  (Ex. 33:15)  Moses would not settle for an angel to lead them.  It had to be the Lord Himself.  This story has always held a sacred place in my heart.  And unless the Lord is in this blog, I may as well not try. 

It was a daring attempt, and a whole lot of challenge, going with such bold colors, but I think my son succeeded on doing a good job of it, yes?  I still have some minor details to work out, but otherwise the site is complete.  I trust it is reader friendly, original, and conveys the message well.  Thank you for your patience. 

Oh, and by the way, the name Tyler means "builder . . . resourceful, maker of tiles".   Just sayin'. 

"So I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."  Mark 11:24  

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