Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ninja Love

It was a ninja invasion!  Three for a dollar ninjas, sticking to the ceiling and crawling down the walls.  I'm not sure which was more frightening, the ninja's or a room full of excitable middle school students.  At any rate, I don't think the lesson of that night will be easily forgotten.

Stealth mode.  It was the preferred method when Jesus healed people.  He often told them to tell no one, to simply be content with the miracle.  But I do not know of a single Bible character who actually obeyed that command.  They may have tried, but how could they keep silent at what Jesus had done for them?

I wonder if we would be so eager to do good works for others if no one ever saw or knew?  This is one goal I have for this year, to practice Ninja love, works done in secret.  I want to better serve others, not where it is seen, but unseen, especially in my own home.  Laundry, dishes, cooking meals, you know, normal stuff.  Why do we resist the mundane? Maybe because it is not so visible to the public eye.

How easy to give our best energy and time to outsiders.  Sometimes I find myself caught in this trap.  My husband and children then receive the leftovers.  But that is completely backwards.  Furthermore, if we are filled up by love for one another at home, then we can better serve in the public place. 

These works done in secret, God sees.  Is it enough that only God know? 

I'm reminded to keep my eyes open, because God moves in mysterious ways.  He can get my attention, even through a ninja. 

And I will finish on a weird note.  I have one of these ninja's hanging in my kitchen.  It started out as a fun little prank my children played on me.  But I like it, so it will stay put.  I need the reminder to keep my family first and practice some ninja love around the house.

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