Friday, January 24, 2014


I feel sheepish to admit it, but Disney's latest movie, Frozen, hit close to home.  Who comes up with these story lines and characters anyway?  I believe they personify our own struggles all too clearly, hence, the attraction.   

"Conceal.  Don't feel," instructs Elsa's father before leaving on a dangerous voyage.

I've lived much of my life with that motto, disciplining myself to hold emotion inside.  To express feeling was not very kosher for the culture in which I lived, making it sometimes difficult for me to be open.

One thing I long for about heaven is that I can finally worship God uninhibited.  I can let it go, all the Christ in me that aches to be set free . . . to create with complete freedom.  It will not be something I'm supposed to make or be.  Rather, it will be the perfect flow of the art in me, openly expressed in worship of Him. 

I know.  Some seem to be able to do this now, on earth.  They are naturals at expression and their lives drip freedom.  But for some of us, when people get close, they only find sharp edges, pokes, and prickles.  And so we remain guarded, afraid to be moved, to let others in, because all too often, we have injured another.

The character Elsa, though she seems untouchable, deep down longs to use her gift freely.  Someone must believe in her, someone persistent enough to tug at her heart and draw out its beauty.

I'm so thankful for these kinds of people in my life.  A husband who values who I am in Christ and encourages expression of my gifts.  Children, who see all my stumbling, but remain undaunted in their tenacious hold. Friends who persist in breaking through my guarded shell, and a local church who believes in my purpose.

Most days I prefer to be alone in my icy castle . . . safe.  But there is no blessing in safe.   God would have me be vulnerable so that He might bless others through me.  Growth only comes as I am willing to take a risk, "for without faith it is impossible to please Him."  (Heb. 11:6)  This is one reason I write, to share my life with you in hopes that you will be pointed towards Jesus.

Frozen is a movie I plan to purchase for my own personal library.  Way to go Disney.  Well done.  Let's have more like this one.

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