Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Behind the Veil

It is only the third day of December and already voices scream clear, "Don't get caught up in the rush of the season!  Remember what it's all about!"  While the statements are true, they seem counterproductive. 

Shouting has never turned my heart towards worship.  Continually reminding me to slow down expects that I am stressed before I have a chance to be otherwise.  Enough already!  Away with the nagging and on with tidings of great joy. 

What is this joy?  It is the mystery behind the veil . . . God shrouded in majesty.

Yesterday, I hit the hills for some rejuvenation.  And it was glorious indeed!  No rushed thoughts of Christmas, only reveling in the presence of the Lord, enjoying His creation.

Every once in awhile, I do a hike like this.  A walk where I don't care about getting a workout, accomplishing a goal, or keeping to a specific time frame.  Instead, I simply look and wonder at the Man who is God. . .


Meekness and majesty
Manhood and deity

 In perfect harmony
The Man who is God

Lord of eternity 

Dwells in humanity

Kneels in humility
And washes our feet.

Wisdom unsearchable
God the invisible

Love indestructible
In frailty appears

Lord of infinity
Stooping so tenderly

Lifts our humanity
To the heights of His throne.

Oh what a mystery
Meekness and majesty

 Bow down and worship

For this is your God.
 (song lyrics by Graham Kendrick)  

Thanks for joining me in worship of our Creator.  I hope it provided a respite to the season.  Though the skies have been overcast for days, our hearts do not have to be. 

And after the hills, I hit the shops where a little of that worship carried over to pleasantries with shoppers and clerks.  Lines?  Yes.  Mayhem?  Yes.  Tired?  Yes.  But so at rest in my soul that the clanging noises out there could not penetrate the peace in here.  And that is the beauty of worship.

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  1. Loved this post, the script and the photos... just beautiful. Blossom