Sunday, May 12, 2013

On Being A Woman (Part 1)

I was sitting on the floor in my daughter's room, when my daughter cries out, "No Mom, you are putting the boy clothes on the girl doll!"  The girl doll?  "Yes, you see, this one has longer eyelashes than the other one and so that means she is the girl.  That other one can be the boy." 

I never knew my daughter was so opinionated about her doll's genders and therefore about what they should wear, especially since she rarely plays with dolls anymore.  I was having a nostolgic moment while thinking about what to keep and what to place on the garage sale pile, when I realized how insightful her statement was.

It does matter that boys and girls dress differently because we are not the same.  God created "man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them."  (Gen. 1:27)  While God is distinct as 'He', both genders reflect the image of God in their unique way. 

The world seeks to blend the sexes, not only in their attire, but in every other way, and the image of God becomes muddied.  But by contrast, as the genders are kept distinct, God's intricate, yet vast personality, can be seen more clearly.  A woman displays aspects of God's character that could never be seen in a man and vice versa.  Together, man and woman portray a more complete picture of God.

Every woman wants a baby.  Maybe not at 25 when she's traveling the world or even at thirty with a booming career, but there comes a point in her life when that desire comes to the surface because she is made to nurture.  This desire to nurture does not leave the single or infertile woman out in the cold.  Nor does it mean those who choose not to have children are unfulfilled.  There are numerous other ways to nurture.  But this is one aspect of God which we might miss had He not made us male and female.

Likewise, every man desires to protect and provide for his own.  No matter how distracted he is with adventure, battles, play, or work, it all comes down to caring for the ones that are his.  This is one reason why marriage defined as one man with one woman is so very sacred, that God's image might be seen accurately.    

Our God is relational to the greatest degree.  If the world were filled with only men I daresay the relationship aspect would be in a sad state.  Women specialize in relationships.  On the other hand, if the world held only women, who would do our heavy work, invent our machines, or fight our enemies?  And I can guarantee a great bickering and fighting would take place before anything would get accomplished.  Men thrive on accomplishing a goal and taking on a challenge.  So too, God is our ultimate advocate, protector, provider, and creator, but He also nurtures.

To make these observations regarding the genders is not to say that women cannot be tough and part of the battle or that men cannot be tender and nurture.  All of us are made to be valiant, and to accomplish great purpose.  Yet, deep down, the makeup of each includes the bent of our specific gender.  So too, both men and women are equal in value, but do not carry out identical roles.

On this Mother's Day I am thankful for both my mom and mom-in-law.  They are each efficient, resourceful, hardworking, warrior, nurturers in their own way.  What amazing women!  My mom has gone on to be with the Lord, but I can say that I am truly blessed with good examples of what it means to be a woman.   
My husband with his mom
I've been meaning to write "On Being A Woman" for quite some time and decided Mother's Day would be an ideal time to start.  This subject is not just for women, but men as well, especially those fathers with daughters.  It will probably take me several posts to write, but I'm hoping you'll hang with me.   

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