Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rock Solid

If heaven is God's throne and earth is the footstool for His feet, how am I treating His Word?  That is the question that lays heavy on my heart these days.  How much authority does it have on my life?
I've been reading through Jeremiah and at times come away afraid because the Word is a mirror, reflecting who I really am, and I don't always like what I see.  I say I live it, but how many times have I asked God to speak to me, only to vote on whether I will accept what He says?

It is so easy to live by my own agenda, push forward with what I desire, instead of on what the Word commands.  When I hear his still small voice I am awed . . .delighted, but then sometimes continue through the day oblivious to what He said.  God calls, but no one answers.  He speaks, but no one listens.  God esteems the one who trembles at His Word.  What place does it hold in my life?

I've been struggling with a few obstacles lately, but been reminded that when it is time for them to be removed, they will, because God is in control.  When He moves, none can stop Him and when He says, "wait", all my striving will be for nothing.  And I'm wondering if all this conflict, this struggle, is not a predecessor to a wave of repentance, a great moving of God.

Many false prophets in Jeremiah's day promised the people that their exile in captivity would be short.  But God told them, no, it would last a full 70 years.  In the fullness of time, He would then initiate their move back to their own land.  It would be a work of God and no foreign king would stop Him, no enemy would thwart His purpose.  (Jer. 29:10-14)

I pray for a humble heart, a heart ready, one which trembles at His Word, so that when God moves, I do not miss it.  (Isa. 66:1-2)  And in the meantime, I know that God has not abandoned me, He has not left me alone, for He not only created the world, but sustains it . . . holds it together.  If he can do all that, will He not sustain us through trying days?  Is anything too hard for Him?  Surely, there is no one like our God!  

p.s.  Friday posting is not working well for me, so will try for Wednesdays.

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