Thursday, October 18, 2012


Every time I walk my daughter to and from school lately, this song runs through my mind,
Glorious, my eyes have seen the glory of the Lord . . .    (by Paul Baloche)
These leaves shout, "Glory!"
And my heart is turned upward.

Yet, this picture is zoomed in to block out the yuck.  When I take the picture as it really is, there are ugly wires, and old buildings.  In fact, this picture is taken from my alley right next to smelly trash cans, weeds, and weathered tottering fences.
Sometimes life is like that.  All I can see is the mismatched fences and unattractive wires crisscrossed through my view.  And when my heart is spiraling downward, my senses pick up only what is right in front of me, the putrid smells or barking dogs.  If I would just lift my head, my eyes could gaze beyond all of that to see the glory.

But there are days when I cannot lift my head.  That is when I'm reminded that God is a shield about me, and that He is the one who lifts my head. (Psa.3:3) Unexpected turns leave me dazed, yet even in the midst of confusion and hurt I'm encouraged, because I know God is moving.  He is stirring the nest.  The winds are blowing and when that happens who knows what great things He has in store?  When my soul is downcast I cling to the promise that God is always my refuge, that He always has a plan, and is always in control.  Nothing surprises Him.

And my heart cries, "Glory!" 

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