Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Greatness Walks By

Last night I was giddy.  My family thought I was crazy.  The thought that I might catch a glimpse of the President of the United States in person totally awed me.  A once in a lifetime opportunity was within my grasp! 

My town is not a large important city, but it is the biggest and broadest metropolis between Denver and Salt Lake.  I heard on my local news that President Obama was coming to my town.  That in itself is amazing and I'm not sure why he would come here as our people vote 75% conservative.  But then the announcer told us that he would be speaking at Grand Junction High School.  It grabbed my attention.  That's my school!  My oldest two children went there.  It is within walking distance of my house! 

I'm not really an Obama fan and so I wasn't very motivated to get a ticket to listen to him speak but the position is powerful and he is our president.  God directs the heart of the king and places political leaders in office on purpose.   For these reasons I hold him in highest respect.  

The thrill of adventure rolled around in my mind.  We could go for a presumed casual walk and watch him enter the building.  Maybe we could catch a view of his limo or of secret service men all staunch and serious in their black suits and sunglasses.  But my husband claims I'd get thrown in jail if I tried such a stunt.  What?  I pay taxes for the sidewalk.  I have every right to walk on it whenever I so choose.  He laughs and reminds me that our own church congregation has several individuals who have been in the secret service and one man has even shaken President Bush's hand!

Okay, so I'll just behave myself and stay home minding my own business, but it was fun to think about.  I have to wonder, what is my reaction when Jesus of Nazareth passes by?  Is that how the crowds of their day thought of Him?  If only I can catch a glimpse of Him in person or better yet, hear Him speak and look into His eyes, even touch the hem of His robe . . . the chance of a lifetime.

But the sad thing is, every day, every moment, The Great One passes by and I so often see it as ordinary. . . routine.  Jesus invites us into His very throne room and we so casually shun the opportunity.  Do I highly treasure the name of Jesus?  Does my heart thrill at the sound of His voice as He speaks to me through the Spirit and the Word?  

What is our response when the Great One passes by?  Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!  That was the response of the blind beggar by the road.  Grown men tore the roof off a house, multitudes practically ran around the Sea of Galilee, families went hungry, a boy gave up his lunch, a man scrambled up a tree, and women broke tradition just to be near this man and to worship at His feet. 

God has given us a royal summons to enter His presence and to draw near to His heart.  I wonder, what am I passionate about today?  Is there an urgency, a fervent awe in seeking after the Savior?  When the torn veil exposes the glory of Christ, what is my response?  

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