Thursday, December 1, 2011

She Sings

Where did you get those eyes so blue, 
was it from the skies that you passed through . . .

2002 was a year of gifts.  August brought a bundle of delight from the very heart of God, my youngest daughter. Later that same year, (on this day), heaven received a precious life . . . my mom.  A gift exchange of the skies.

And heaven sang.

My mom was a woman who loved God with all her heart and Sunday was her favorite day of the week.  How she delighted in the fellowship of believers! Her soprano voice rang clear while my Dad's bass joined the refrain and all ten of us children filled in with altos and tenors. The old piano didn't stand a chance against the exuberant energy which flowed through my sister's fingers. Walls trembled with the sound of voices raised to God.  And a little bit of heaven came down to us while glory filled our souls.

Now, in the hours before her funeral, God touched my dad with a wee bit of heaven as well.  My middle daughter, Ivy Jordyn, just shy of two years, became the arms of God wrapped around my dad's neck, holding him oh so tightly.  My winter baby was a dusting of comfort and joy as she eagerly lighted from one lap to another in a family that was awkward with hugs, but needed them desperately.

(Ivy, reaching for a song--Nov. 2002)

In the days before my mom entered heaven's realm, God granted me a secret longing as well.  My youngest daughter, Summer Faith, then only three months, nestled in my mom's arms and brought smiles to her heart . . . and comfort to mine.  I wanted my mom to meet my brand new baby daughter.  It was a long ways to travel, and I thought my mom might leave this earth before we got there.  But God took care of that tiny detail.   It mattered and God knew.

(Mom, myself, and Summer--Thanksgiving 2002)

But God had an even greater gift to pour out on me . . . grace.  I was so very afraid of going to the funeral . . . afraid to be real . . . afraid of loneliness . . . the tears . . . and fears.  But God wrapped His presence around me oh so tightly.   I felt it . . . knew it. Strong enough to hold me.  Never had I leaned into grace so fully before.  He gives grace in the time of need . . . when we think we cannot possibly bear the weight, He lifts on wings of strength.

(Mom holding me)

My mom loved Christmas.  As we begin this season of giving, I'm amazed that God would personally grant her a gift, even in her death.  She was caught up by her Savior, on a Sunday, at the start of Christmas.  Little children ran, eager to meet their grandma, wrapping their small arms tightly around her neck . . . grandchildren she had never met, three of them my own children, ushered from the world of the womb to the wonder of heaven.  God most certainly does delight in His children and precious are His gifts . . . tender reunions, as He meets His own, face to face, for "precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints." (Psa. 116:15)

And she still sings.
It's the song of the soul set free.

Thank you Jesus for your hand picked specially thought over gifts.  
Thank you for the greatest gift . . . Yourself,
drawing us so very near to Your heart.


  1. What a beautiful testimony of God's love ... and tribute to your mom. Thanks for sharing your heart. You deeply touched mine.

  2. Yes. Beautiful.--maretta

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Brings tears to my eyes!

  4. Thank you! Yes, my mom was an amazing woman. Miss her a lot these days.