Monday, December 19, 2011

My Cup Overflows

A slight glance at a smooth little bowl painted in toasty orange poppies says it all.  It is my favorite.  Not only is it oh so adorable, but it represents a special evening  with a friend.  I wonder if she knows how she has blessed my heart?

I do not generally care for shopping.  The reason?  I come home feeling discontent, exhausted, and frustrated with the styles, along with a poor body image.  It seems a waste of time.  Depression often settles in.  Perhaps if I were not limited by prices, were skinny, and had friends I could be myself with, I would enjoy it more.

But recently a friend asked me to go shopping with her and our high school daughters.  Somewhat reluctantly, I agreed to go. Wonder of all wonders, I had a blast! Silliness, laughter, and hilarious mishaps lifted my spirits. We didn't talk of the problems of the world or even of our children.  We didn't discuss any deep theological truths.  We simply had fun.  Pure silliness.  I needed that . . . desperately.  Thank you my friend.

We were at a second hand store next to some clothing which just screamed of old lady when we found the most adorable bowl.  I fell in love with it.  There were none others like it, just a small bowl all by itself which I cupped in my hands and took great delight in.  My friend decided to buy it for me.  Oh no, you don't have to do that.  I don't need it.  It's silly.  I was only admiring it.  But no, she wanted to.  So for 99 cents my friend bought me the perfect bowl.

Whenever I have my oatmeal with blueberries, a personal favorite, it is always in that precious bowl. I think of the fun we had and how very greatly my friend encouraged me.  Because the gift represents the fact that she wanted to hang out with me, that she reached past my reserved front to the deeper person within.

Being a pastor's wife is sometimes a lonely place . . . serious, heavy, overwhelming, and I'm not always free to be vulnerable.  My friend thinks it very strange that I actually relish alone times, make every effort to see the sun rise, enjoy reading books, and  find great contentment in doing housework or projects solo, while listening to my favorite radio programs. And I find it strange that she does not do alone and practically lives for socializing.  But somehow, we mesh well.

And the blueberries in the bowl . . . another special gift from a sister.  She leads a quiet life, but displays a generous heart.  Every July she meanders near the foothills of Mt. Hood and picks whopper blueberries, freezing bags of them.  Whenever she visits me, she slips them into my freezer.  She knows how much I love them, but I wonder if she knows how much it blesses my heart, that she would think of me? Thank you my sister.

A little friendship in my bowl has gone a long ways.  Small gifts . . . big hearts.  Whenever I glance at that quaint bowl, almost tiny enough to be a cup,  I receive a touch of joy down in the depths of my soul, and my heart is warmed.  Thank you my friend.

" cup overflows.  Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life."  (Psalm 23:5,6)

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  1. lovely ... friendship is a beautiful gift! Thanks for the goosebumps :)