Tuesday, May 5, 2015

On Hold

In this season I can scarcely catch my breath.  Life has been full and writing slim.  In the meantime, here is a bit of family news and a few pictures to catch up. 

Most recently, my oldest daughter returned home from college.  We are thrilled to spend a few short weeks together before she returns.  Praise the Lord with us for answered prayer to a summer job at a children's hospital.   Homemade enchaladas along with all the fixings were the order for her 21st birthday party. 

Jeff and I just completed a season of coaching volleyball for our youngest daughter's team.  It was such a joy to coach together as a couple and impact the lives of our team members.  At our last volleyball party, we played until dark and then enjoyed the fireworks display from the baseball field next door. 

 My flowers are in full bloom, but I have not begun to plant a garden.  I missed all the early season crops, but maybe I can still manage some tomato plants before too late. 

Last, but not least, my brother is getting married!  All of my siblings will be there and that is saying something since there are 10 of us ranging from the east coast to the west, with some in between.   The last time we were all together was for a funeral . . . his wife of six months.  I find it a "God thing" that April brings such joy in May.  April was the month Sheri died and his new bride is named April.  Coincidence?  I don't think so.  I believe God has great things in store for this union.

I do not always understand how God can turn an awful situation into something good, but as I look back on my life I catch glimpses of it in the most peculiar places.  My heart is warmed and encouraged.  Surely, God is interested in the lives of His people and holds them close to His heart.


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