Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Courage on Display

Opening my workbook, staring me right down, was this lesson on courage.  Not about a valiant warrior or mighty soldier, but of an everyday woman, releasing her son to a rushing river.   The very place meant for destruction, she accepted as a means of deliverance.

Moses was swept downstream and at last landed in the bathing cove of Pharaoh's daughter, the princess.  Miriam watched breathless, following the courage of her mother, their secret now exposed. There would be no more hiding of this child.

Over the weekend, I also watched in awe, as a young woman displayed great courage.  We were at a wedding, but this was no ordinary wedding, for the bride was eight months pregnant.

I'm sure this was not what her little girl dreams had envisioned. 

Yet as that telltale bulge followed, ever evident, she maintained poise and dignity, grace and glow .  .  .  courage.

I don't know many who would be so brave, allowing their weakness to be placed on display, accepting the results of their choices.  It runs against the grain of reputable reputations, secret sins, and protected images.

While knowing that God established sex to be practiced only within the bounds of marriage, this woman chose to face her mistake, not seeking to shush it under the rug in hidden whispers.   She chose life against abortion, shame against honor, and full against trim.

Every woman wants a beautiful body for her husband, especially at her wedding.  Yet, as this woman began the dance with her husband, he pulled her in tight, not phased by the intrusion of a baby, not afraid to take on the responsibility of his actions.  And in that movement she, and they, were beautiful. 

However, no road is easy which bears the load of consequence.  The path ahead will be difficult, the strength of courage and commitment tested, of this I am certain.  But God, in His mercy, does not always reveal the full weight of what is to come, only one day at a time.  Yet, I have confidence this woman will thrive, for she has already set courage into motion. 

I am so grateful that we have a forgiving God, one who knows our frailties and sympathizes with our weaknesses.  God moves beyond our failures to healing, hope, and restoration.  He gives us strength to tackle what each day holds, no matter the challenge. 

I never cease to be amazed at how God takes our messes and weaves them into art . . . beauty.   Through this woman, a picture of courage has been seared on my heart, because in my book, a hero has stepped up to the plate. 

(Note:  this post was written with permission from the bride)


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