Monday, October 31, 2011

A Dirty Rotten Trick

Facebook, you have deceived me.

Decked out in beautiful faces and perfect lives, you hold promise of friendship. But I am not fooled.  You are but a ghost, evading my grasp and taunting my emotions with what I can't have.  People from my past blend with the present and pop up here and there, sneaking around the corners of backyard fences.  Peering through the cracks, their view obscured, they find snippets to chew on.

Every now and then you bring flowers to my gate . . . sweet fragrance for the soul . . . promise of what you could be.  At other times I reach out and find hands meet, but dissolve into cloudy mists of misunderstanding and hurt. Lacking voice inflection and the warmth of real bodies they are but words engraved on stone, never to be erased or taken back.

Why do I continually return to you facebook?  Perhaps because you tease me with the longing for which I was made. Your talons strive to hold me in your grasp, but I am drawn to another place, its pull far more powerful, because God has set eternity in my heart.

I'm going to a place of real people where a book of faces will be opened and the Lamb's book of life will reveal our true colors.  There we will connect with each other's hearts and our friendships will be genuine through and through. Attached by love our words will bless.  Joy will not be staged, but real.  In that heavenly host I will commune with God where there will be no death, no parting, and no hurt.  A place of complete purity, my cloak of sin sizzled to nothingness by the iron of the cross.

Stripped of our facades would leave us exposed . . . vulnerable.  It is risky business, and far more than we could ever handle and so God graciously provides a covering.  It is not skimpy, but covers us completely . . . a robe of righteousness. Shimmering, dazzling, righteousness that glistens in the Son. We will love each other for who we really are . . . the character of Christ which God has molded in us, washed in grace.   Joy will reign as we are fully known, yet fully loved.

And facebook?  Your pangs of loneliness will never haunt me again.


  1. What did you do this time?

    Have a great Halloween!! (Kinda late I know, be quiet.)

  2. To answer your question Tyler, nothing. Just speaking in general terms here. Facebook can sometimes be like going to a big party, surrounded by people, but still lonely as ever. And it has an addicting quality.